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About Us

Air Plant Designs is a small business located on the Gold Coast, selling Tillandsia (otherwise known as air plants) throughout QLD, NSW, VIC, SA & ACT. Unfortunately due to state regulations, air plants cannot be posted internationally or to WA, NT or Tas.

Born in 2012 Air Plant Designs has evolved over the years. Sadly due to the Australian Government ban on the importation of all Tillandsia this year (2016) the business has been downsized.  We are no longer wholesaling to retail outlets.  All of our plants are now grown from seed in Australia.  This process takes many years and therefore our product is now limited and the website is updated as and when our air plants become a decent size.

With the discovery of hundreds of different varieties of Tillandsia, there is no limit to how these plants can be displayed. These unusual plants are suitable to a wide range of climates, both indoor and outdoor.

Designs and plants are sold online to the public and we attend regular monthly markets as well as individual pop events both on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and in Northern NSW.

We welcome your feedback on designs or new air plant varieties you may wish to see for sale. We love sharing your designs with others online, so please visit our Facebook page (facebook.com/airplantdesigns) or Instagram page (airplant_designs).

Thank you for visiting this website and we hope you too fall in love with these amazing air plants!

Kind regards,

Brigitte Troedson





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