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Air Plants are Epiphytes

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Air Plants are Epiphytes, which means they naturally grow attached to another plant e.g. a tree. 

Amazingly they do not leech nutrients from the tree, however instead receive their nutrients through their leaves. Nutrients and moisture and nutrients are collected from dust in the air, decaying leaves and insect matter. This is absorbed through tiny little structures on the leaves called which are called trichomes. Trichomes are commonly known as little soft prickles growing on the outside of the leaves. These collect the external matter, providing nutrients to the Tillandsia / Air Plants.

This is why Air Plants make for a craft plant to use in decorating and crafting. A DIY gift even!. Driftwood is commonly used to attach the plant, however they can be attached to various matters.  

Don't be afraid to leave your air plant outside under a tree (in a well drained area) to soak up the outside living environment, alternatively they can still happily live inside with love and care.

Air Plants are Epiphytes


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