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Air Plants are the Plants of the Future

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Not just a revival of the 70’s, Air Plants are the Plants of the Future and here are the reasons why.

Hugely popular in the 1970’s, just like macramé, weaving and crochet, air plants have also made a huge comeback in recent years. Many believe air plants are part of this ongoing revolution, this changing cycle of life of what’s cool in the moment however I am here to tell you why air plants are not just a popular fad.

Tillandsia (air plants) have been around since the existence of time, hailing from the vast desert regions and tropical sub rainforests of South America. They are part of the Bromeliad family and there are currently over 700 different varieties, including hybrids of these incredibly beautiful, unique and exotic plants.


In our increasingly busy lives and fast paced environments we find ourselves living in, many people simply just don’t have the time, inclination or the patience for traditional gardening. Work, children, after school activities, elderly parents and relatives, as well as the general maintenance of running a household with shopping, cooking and cleaning all unfortunately tend to take precedence over the simple pleasure of spending time in the garden. This is certainly not the case for everyone but for many it is a sad truth. Traditional gardening, although full of reward can also take up a lot of precious time.

Low Maintenance:

Tillandsia (air plants) are the perfect low maintenance plants that offer beauty and greenery inside your home or outdoors. Requiring minimal care, they will offer you an enormous amount of enjoyment. Watching your air plants flourish over time and produce flowers and pups will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Once you have found the perfect location for your air plants, whether it is indoor or out but must include sufficient amounts of indirect light and maximum air flow, all it takes is small amounts of watering on your part and you can sit back and watch them thrive.

Small apartment living:

Many cities are becoming increasingly over populated, causing the downsizing of people’s homes to smaller apartments, units and flats where garden and green space is limited. Air plants are so easily adaptable to their different environments and these amazing plants have the ability to use their root system for anchoring and not as a source of growth. This means the roots can either be cut off and your plant can sit in a planter or the roots can be glued onto a host for anchoring which gives you absolutely endless opportunities for home and office décor.

Great for the environment:

A study, by Lloyd Godman, an ecological artist, along with an environmental scientist and structural engineer, is currently being undertaken on top of Melbourne’s tallest highrise building, the Eureka Tower. The air plants have been suspended to cages above the building, creating lightweight vertical gardens, which are proving both extremely versatile but also don’t have the loadbearing impact of typical vertical gardens on a building. Just think of the incredible impact on our environment when all buildings have Tillandsia gardens! Definitely the Plant of the Future!


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