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For the LOVE of Air Plants!

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Yes I love Air Plants, who wouldn't? They are living, growing, flowering plants with over 400 different varieties! Most of them reproduce (have babies as I like to say) after they flower and produce many many years of beauty with their long curling medusae like arms, spiky short staunch arms or luscious longing arms.  

Not only do they look good, you can take them with you anywhere! I have worm my Tillandsia Gardneri as a hair piece to the Gold Coast Turf Club on a few occasions and often wear a baby Tillandsia Ionantha around my neck as an air plant necklace. I have them attached to my rear view mirror in the car, sitting in shadow boxes in my house and of course they are well spread throughout my yard. I have also sold many Tillandsia Xerographica to florist making stunning wedding bouquets.

Possibly obsesses by Air Plants would be an understatement! But you wouldn't want to purchase an Air Plant or Air Plant design from someone who didn't love them or know how to care for them right? right? You wouldn't want to have it arrive in the post unloved with crushed arms would you? I ensure you are receiving the upcoming quality plants. They even come from a smoke free environment...considering your Air Plant lives off the Air (light and water) it must have the upmost cleanest upbringing before it gets to you and its new home.

All I ask, for the LOVE or Air Plants please remember it DOES need to be misted, dunked or sprayed with water. Although it is called an Air Plant, it does need light, water and AIR to live a happy life.

PS. that's me (Stacey) in the photo with the Air Plant necklace :)



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