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Simple and Stunning Christmas tables with Air Plants and other Botanicals

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This time of the years is crazy busy, for all of us. More so if you are hosting a Christmas event or get together. So Many things to pay for and think about. So let me help you with your table and decor using as many things as possible that you already own and what you can find and a few special items.

I always like to keep things simple and natural, but let you taste guide you. I generally start with a plant tablecloth most of the time white. I then take my trusty Secateurs and a basket, head into the yard and see what I can collect. I look far interesting twigs and small branches, flowers, seedpods, palm leaves, any other small foliage as well as whatever catches my eye. All of these combined with fairy lights(battery operated are cheap and fantastic) , shells, loose Air Plants, candles and other pretties can combine to create something magical.

Start with a base of your larger pieces and lights

Add cutlery, plates and glassware 

Now walk around your table slowly adding layers of your smaller items to create you desired look, trim if needed

Remember to always leave room for your guests to move around freely and just because you got it our or picked doesn't mean it has to go on the table. Once you get started somethings just don't work.

Have fun, enjoy the process. Your guest will love the effort you have gone too

Merry Christmas


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