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The rise of the "Crazy Plant Lady (or Man)"

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Plants have always been something I love, I mean really love!

I have always loved playing in them and making gardens as a kid, a lot of this came from having Grandparents and Parents with very green thumbs. The rest of it was from the fact that the colours, shapes, textures and smells are incredible and watching something grow is very special.

The only issue I had with this passion was that I really didn't have any peers to share this with. It wasn't a common hobby with kids, teens or even those in their 20s. Now as my friends and myself age I find I am the one that is asked for advice and guidance on how to garden and grow, how to create green spaces and what is this strange plant growing in my new yard. I get so much joy out of these questions.

I think this is why I am so in love with #crazyplantlady and similar hashtags. There are so many amazing people of all ages posting pictures of so many amazing plants and garden. Also so many groups of self professed plant crazies are forming all over social media, I am a member of many! These groups have such diversity of age, race, location and taste but more often then not the community formed is supportive and fun. Social media isn't always a positive thing but how can you not help but smile when your feed is full of photos and posts about plants.

If you are like me and love all things plants, join these groups, post these photos and embrace you green thumb no matter your age! For every new plant that is grown can only be better for our world! Teach whoever will listen how to garden as the more of us "crazy plant people" there are the better!


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