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Want to be inspired by some gorgeous Air Plant designs? Here are some designs to get you thinking & wanting more! They are designs I have made to order. If you would like to order a design and get some ideas to fill a space, please send an enquiry vis the Special Orders page.

brac-on-driftwood.jpg  globe-1.jpg  img-1255.jpg

globe-6.jpg  fuchsii-v-gracilis2.jpg  july-2013-staceys-phone-120.jpg

hanging-tree.jpg  coral.jpg  wedding-favours.jpg

august-iphone-2013-004.jpg birdhouse.jpg  img-1550.jpg

july-2013-staceys-phone-091.jpg  july-2013-staceys-phone-130.jpg  driftwood2.jpg   


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